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    Set a property's value with a custom timestamp

    Hi everyone,


    I have been gathering historical data from a device into my EMS and looking for a way of feeding them into the platform. The first thing I thought of was to be constantly updating gas meter properties with the historical readings that I am getting from a device. I have created properties for the fields that I am fetching past values for and attempting to use me:setProperty to update the property with the next reading that I'm fetching which has a timestamp of a past time (could be hours, days or months in the past). But, as far as I know, me:setProperty sets the property's timestamp to the current time. Would this approach work? Would the EMS successfully handle pushing of newly fetched values that are updated but with a older timestamp? And if so, which function do I use and how do I go about doing so?


    The other thing I was thinking of was to use a really small infotable for each entry with a value and a timestamp field but I really wanted to know if what I suggested in the above paragraph is even possible or simply incompatible with the way property value pushes work at the Edge.