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    Know which event called a service



    I have a service which I call through a "SelectedRowChange" or a "ServiceInvokeCompleted" event and I want to do differents things on my service regarding the event which called it.

    So is it possible inside a service to get the caller event ?



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        Ankit Gupta Ninja

        Hi Jean-Noel DURAND,


        As per my understanding; the event details are available in case of subscription but not in a mashup.

        So, you might have to create separate services for "SelectedRowChange" and "ServiceInvokeCompleted" event.

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          anna Communicator

          Hi Jean-Noel Durand,

          As far as I know there is no way to recognize which event call a service in a mashup,

          but as an alternative you could set a value for a property or a textbox value when ou triggered a "SelectedRowChange" or a "ServiceInvokeCompleted" event, for example, you give value to 1 if SelectedRowChange, and 2 if ServiceInvokeCompleted(here you need create another service to set the value at the time either of the two events is triggered), and then the value could be as an input of the service you will call you could  set a different logic or do different thing based on the different value passed in.


          Hope this helps,