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    Setting ThingworxPropertyDefinition and ThingworxEventDefinition dynamically in .NET SDK

    Is it possible to set following fields dynamically in .NET SDK:

    [ThingworxPropertyDefinition(name = "Temperature", description = "Current Temperature", baseType = "NUMBER", category = "Status", aspects = new string[] { "isReadOnly:false" })]
    [ThingworxEventDefinition(name = "SteamSensorFault", description = "Steam sensor fault", dataShape = "SteamSensor.Fault", category = "Faults", isInvocable = true, isPropertyEvent = false)]

    Data fields I have are dynamic and are loaded from config file so it is not practical to use static statements. Does anyone know if these settings can be implemented to class constructor? I have read through the documentation but haven't been able create working implementation.