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    Issues in Platform Tutorial and Quickstart guide

    Just wanted to mention a few snags I encountered when following through the startup guides.


    1) The instructions for installing the OpenStreetMap plugin were tricky to find. I think the instructions for installing a plugin should be included inline with the tutorial since everything else is. Actually, I think it would make sense to add the OpenStreetMap as a default component. Map views are so common that everyone is going to end up installing the plugin.


    2) The script file for populating simulated data in the Quickstart tutorial seemed pretty mysterious and opaque. I opened the file to see what was going on; the code quality inside looks a little bit sloppy. For example, there's a "workaround" in the script related to equality-comparison on floats. Exact equality comparisons on floats are known to be a bad practice but it looks like the author of the script isn't aware of this and considers it to be a bug.


    3) Why does my trial Foundation server need to be re-launched between sessions? Does it shut itself down when it's not being used or something?


    4) In the Composer tutorial sections for the Foundation guide, it's not clear whether panels should be added for all 4 quadrants or just the upper-left quadrant. The guide seems to show Gauge elements being added directly to a Layout element, but when I follow the guide exactly, the Layout panel complains that it cannot accept a Label element and needs a Panel.


    5) On OSX, using Chrome in full-screen, the "Done" buttons at the bottom of the page are often not visible.


    6) At one point, I got an error message without any more detail when I was trying to create an element. I had to stop and re-launch the Foundation server to resolve this.

    *the exact error message is: save failed, status: error message:


    7) Now I'm getting HTTP Authentication Required pop-ups in the Mashup designer view. It won't accept my Thingworx credentials so I'm going to try logging out and in again, to see if it resolves the issue.


    8) When confirming that data is simulated correctly, the guide states: "You should notice most of the properties should now have values.". I think it would be reasonable to specify *exactly* which fields are expected to update. In my case, it looks like some fields are not updating (meterID, thermostatID, lightID, status, house_lat_long) despite being spelled correctly.


    9) The file Foundation_Tutorial_Services.xml appears to be out-of-date with respect to the tutorial text. The tutorial doesn't mention anything about the HouseGateway template having a zip field but the field is assigned inside the .xml file.


    10) After adding ThingShapes to a ThingTemplate, I expected that the sub-properties related to ThingShapes would be encapsulated in some way related to the specific ThingShape. So for example, I would expect to see something like this when accessing a property in Javascript:

    Things["HouseThing"].LightShape.watts =


    Whereas, I see javascript accessing top-level properties like this:
    Things["HouseThing"].watts =


    This seems to suggest that ThingShapes cannot have properties with the same name, otherwise, how would the top-level accessors distinguish them?