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    Thingworx Analytics Manager

    Hello ,

    Question 1.       

    I am using the latest trail version of thingworx 7.4 available on the cloud, in which Thingworx analytics manager is available.

    When I am trying to publish Prediction model from analytics builder to analytics manager it gives an error like "Model deployment failed on connector TW.AnalysisServices.ThingPredictorConnector" . Is there any configuration which needs to be done before publishing the model. Also is there any document for full configuration and usage of Thingworx analytics manager with Thingworx composer and builder.

    Question 2

        When I created a thing Predictor in analytics manager it does not shows me connected device as I am using the cloud version and I don't have the jar file of thingPredictor to run .and also from where we will get the .yml file in one of the video tutorials for editing the configuration as I don't have the analytics zip file, because I am using the cloud version .Help with any document or tutorial for the complete usage of thingworx analytics manager.