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    bjackson Newbie

    Model and tracker not lining up with ThingMark


    I have the thingMark scaled to 1, and I printed the ThingMark at it's default scale (5cm).

    When I start the experience, it anchors the model about 20 feet beyond where I am looking.  When I look directly at it it looks almost correct, but in an Escher sort of way, when I try to walk around it, the Anchor is about 20 feet past the ThingMark.

    How do I adjust the HoloLens's perception of the ThingMark's size so that it knows how close it is to me?


    Also, I tried to take a picture of it with "Hey Cortana, take a picture" so that I could show you what I'm talking about, but the picture does not capture the hologram produced by the ThingMark.