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    Model Drift

    I've noticed that the tracking drifts about a couple of inches.  You can see it if you turn on "display tracking indicator"  and walk around the Thingmark.  Any chance this will improve?  I'm testing models with two HoloLenses looking at the same ThingMark and there is a discrepancy on where the model is located in space.

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        ryano Explorer

        Hi Brent,


        Good question.  There's multiple pieces to the answer of this question:


        • Sometimes the HoloLens has trouble with depth.  For the most part it is pretty amazing, but sometimes I've seen it struggle with this a few times as wll.  When that happens, tracking can get off.    You can do a few things to help with this, such as avoiding large open conference rooms and large shiny tables as well as making sure the objects around the ThingMark aren't moving.   For instance, we've seen that in a large meeting setting, the HoloLens ends up using the people in the room when it maps out its surroundings.   Then when someone moves it can throw off the tracking. 
        • If the tracking does get off, move right up close to the ThingMark and say "Hey View, update tracking".   This will re-orientate the tracking to the ThingMark.
        • If all that still isn't working, go back to the Calibration App on the HoloLens and go through the calibration setting sequence again.   I've noticed I have to do this every 2-3 weeks or so on my HoloLens.  After doing it, it really helps with the alignment of the tracer around the ThingMark.  
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            bjackson Newbie

            I never thought about the people in the room being used as tracking and can see how that would throw it off.  I'll run some calibrations anyway and see if it gets better.  One of our HoloLenses has always seemed to act a little off, even after resets and calibrations so it could also be that.