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    Rebuild C SDK for ARM to run DotNet on Raspberry Pi?



    I'm looking to use the DotNet SDK ("thingworx-dotnet-common.dll") in a DotNet application using Mono on a Raspberry Pi (ARM CPU).


    The dotnet DLL is a wrapper for the ANSI C twApi.dll, which comes compiled for x86 or x64 architectures, so when running the DotNet SteamSensor example (which has been rebuilt in Mono on the Pi) on the Pi the DotNet wrapper DLL has no entry points to the twApi.dll - wrong architecture.

    I can 'gcc Make' an ARM suitable lib from the C SDK but the DotNet wrapper is not looking for it and I can't edit the source.

    Please could anyone advise if they have any knowledge about a DotNet SDK DLL that has been rebuilt for an ARM suitable C DLL?

    Failing that, has anyone developed their own basic wrapper class for the C DLL using PInvoke, and if so how would you rate the triviality of this task?