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    Unable to execute thingworxPostgresDBSetup.sh

    Hi Team,


    We have tried to install postgres version of thingworx. While setting up, we got to execute the thingworxPostgresDBSetup.sh as mentioned in Thingworx installation document, Page No: 42, Step number 14, we have the following command.

    sudo sh thingworxPostgresDBSetup.sh -a postgres -u twadmin -l /ThingworxPostgresqlStorage

    But we are getting errors while executing the same in two ways,


    1. 1.       Running the step as sudo user

    We are getting like “error while loading shared libraries :libpq.so.rh-postgresql” as attached in the screen shot.

    1. 2.       Running the step as postgres user

    We are getting error like “/ThingworxPostgresqlStorage” : Permission Denied


    Please let me know if anybody has faced this issue before and fixed the same.