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    kgurunath Newbie

    Real-time Data on Mashup



    I would like to create real time dashboards for real time visibility into manufacturing operations to display real-time data from opc server.


    Before starting I am confused how can I display opc data real-time on mashup.


    As per my view, We can bind data on mashup from a service which can be triggered by an event(like auto refresh widged timed event), which is not real-time.


    I want to know any datachage event which we can have give run-time data on mashup.


    Kindly, suggest me ways to have real-time data on mashup.


    Thanks in advance :-)

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        Ankit Gupta Ninja

        Konka Gurunath,


        Have you looked at the following link PTC ThingWorx Help Center and searched for Updating Properties Automatically in a Mashup?

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          supandey Ninja

          Hi Konka, in my view the important question here would be how do you define real time updates because you'll always need to consider the network latency, the SDK configuration i.e. whether the values are cached or not if SDK is configured for duty cycle or not, not to mention the very basic speed of light


          So if you have a use case where you want to fire an event almost instantly in that case you'd want to have your event firing code as close to the device as possible. But if you have a use case where you just expect values to be updated in Mashup as fast as possible you can use what Ankit has mentioned or via the auto refresh widget on the mashup. Though if you are refreshing every few seconds and if Mashup contains loads of widget which need to be updated you're likely to be observing performance issues with it.