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    Do DSE (Cassandra) as persistence provider, also need other database (PostgreSQL) for metadata storage


    We are planning to setup DSE (Cassandra) cluster, to be used as persistence provider for Thingworx.


    As there is no separate TW installer package for DSE (like installer pkg for PostgreSQL, HANA etc.), as per documentation, we need to import thingworx-dsePersistenceProvider-extension from TW Composer (and to run Composer, we need to setup some supported database for metadata etc.).

    And as per definition of Persistence-provider, "Persistence providers can contain a data-provider (for runtime data) or a model-provider (for metadata), or both".


    Can anyone confirm, in case of using DSE (Cassandra) as persistence provider, do we need to have some other database (like postgresql) as well to store metadata (i.e. model provider) OR DSE alone can have both metadata (model-provider) and runtime-data (data-provider)?

    Thanks in advance.