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    Send sensor data to ThingWorx using Arduino and SIM808 GPRS module

    Dear All,


    I need to send sensor data to ThingWorx through GPRS module SIM808 connected to Arduino UNO. This requires using AT Command to start REST API (HTTP).I need support on how to form the below information in one http url to send it using AT Command AT+HTTPPARA



    POST /Thingworx/Things/mything/Services/AlarmService HTTP/1.1

    Host: academic.cloud.thingworx.com

    appKey: b73a20dd-e142-4017-8eyy-a26xx

    Content-Type: application/json

    Cache-Control: no-cache

    Postman-Token: add4f5b4d-ferf8-8e52-31ds-10ad6571asdsd