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    gmontgomery Newbie

    Has anyone been able to successfully configure Thingworx 7.4 to use MS SQL Server?

    I'm keen to connect Thingworx to SQL Server as the persistence provided now that it is an option with 7.4. However I am struggling to make the database connection. My ApplicationLog.log persists in showing message: Unable to initialize and start system: Connections could not be acquired from the underlying database! despite everything I've tried.


    I've confirmed that my user/password is the same I used to create the SQL Server db using the PTC provided scripts. I confirmed this by logging in to the db via SQL Developer and a JDBC driver.

    I've attached my ApplicationLog.log file along with my platform-settings.json file (user/password is twadmin/wcadmin for dev environment sake)


    If anyone has successfully connected could you share your platform-settings.json along with any tips you might have uncovered?


    Thank you!