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    afarley Newbie

    Where is platform-configuration.json located?

    The installation instructions PDF instructs the user to move platform-configuration.json to /ThingworxPlatform. I can't see this file anywhere in the downloaded installation files from Thingworx. Am I missing something?


    Also, it seems like the json in the example platform-configuration.json (installation PDF appendix B) is invalid. I'm seeing at least an extra comma after "msadmin". Can anybody confirm?

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        mneumann Creator

        The platform-settings.json is a file that needs to be created manually for Neo / H2 versions.

        It needs to be placed in a folder that's referenced by the THINGWORX_PLATFORM_SETTINGS environment variable.


        It's best to only use the parts in the config guide, that you really need.


        As for the "username": "msadmin" - yeah, I think the comma is too much.

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          Ankit Gupta Ninja

          Hi Alexander Farley,


          We have to create the /ThingworxPlatform folder and then create a file named platform-configuration.json with details copied from Installation file and place it under /ThingworxPlatform directory.

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            afarley Newbie

            Thanks for the replies, Ankit and Michael.


            It would be nice if someone from Thingworx could chime in. I do understand that it's possible to create the configuration file manually but it's tricky to troubleshoot without a known-good example. I think it would be reasonable to expect the installation guide to be kept up-to-date. Furthermore, the installation guide actually states that a copy of platform-configuration.json is located with the downloaded install files. This is quite confusing.

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                supandey Collaborator

                Hi Alexander, sorry for barging in on this thread.

                I think it's important to clarify some things here could you please share which Persistence Provider are you using together with ThingWorx and which version of ThingWorx are you on, normally if you don't find the json file it's likely you are using either H2 or Neo4j DB since they both are embedded DBs (i.e. they are initialized within the ThingWorx web app thus user does not require to install those DB separately and thus you don't need to setup the connection string in the json file) which would explain why you can't locate this file in the downloaded zip. However you can create one using the sample from Apendix in the installation guide, i'm attaching here one for your reference - note this only contains bare minimum configuration for PostgreSQL DB


                If you are creating this file manually please do refer to the Apendix section for the sort of configuration you can do in this file which are specific to H2 or Neo4j.


                From the discussions I see you may be running into some syntax issue with json so for that you may want to use the https://jsonformatter.curiousconcept.com/ for highlighting any syntactical errors your json file may have.


                Are you looking to do some specific configuration in json?