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    How to configure Thingworx as a client with certificate authentification.

    We are using 3rd party user data provider, LDAP, with WebService that needs certificate authentication. In this scenerio, Thingworx is client, so I configured tomcat/java arguments like this:





    But when I make an HTTPS request, I noticed that the certificate authentication doesn't work (HTTP 403) in ThingWorx. From SSL debug logs it seems, that Thingworx does not use provided certificates. Keystores are cotrrect, my java test app works as expected with them, so we can rule that out.

    Currently, there is opened support ticket with PTC.


    Does anyone tried to achieve that? Hot to configure Tomcat? Any ideas, why it is not working?



    ThingWorx: 7.3.3-b67

    Tomcat: 8.0.42