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    How to use the thingworx styles in an extension widget?

    Hi all,


    I am currently developing a responsive doughnut chart widget and I have finally managed to finish everything except the styles. I want to be able to set the colour of the chart from the Thingworx Composer, however I am no table to get the information available in the style I created on my runtime Javascript.


    So my question is how are you able to use the style information in the development of an extension widget? How can I get the Background Color, Foreground Color, Line color, Line Thickness, etc... from the style to my runtime?


    I have tried using this.getProperty('ChartStyle'), this.properties['ChartStyle'] both which return a simple String. I have also tried


    if (updatePropertyInfo.TargetProperty === "ChartStyle"){

      var styleData = updatePropertyInfo.ActualDataRows;



    And then use the Chrome developer tools to see if I could get a value an array out of it and I ended up with undefined. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!