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    How to send data from raspberry pi to iot application deployed on tomcat.

    Hi all,


    I have setup Thingworx platform/Tomcat on my laptop. Raspberry pi 3 is also set up [on SD] and i have some sample programs running which reads Sensor data.

    I want to run 'temperature-thing' example on raspberry pi, which would send the actual data read from Sensor.


    From raspberry browser, when i test http://<Laptop_IP>:81/Thingworx/   or http://<Laptop_HOST_NAME>:81/Thingworx/ the application is not reachable.

    Can some one tell me what should be the url to send data from raspberry to Tomcat.

    Am i missing any configuration?


    Raspberry pi is connected/configgured to Wi-Fi and can connect to Internet.


    Any help would be highly appreciated.


    Thanks in advance.