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    Is Model Item Translation Using JavaScript possible in Hololens?

    I want to explode a model using model items and then reset it.  I am able to do this in the mobile environment and in the preview of the Hololens using the click JS.  I've added my explMdlItem(); to the JS of the hold event and my reset(); to the JS of the doubletap event but I'm not sure where to go from here.  It appears I'm only able to bind the events to the services of the model which doesn't work  Is this even supported?  Here is my JS:


    $scope.explMdlItm = function() {

    $scope.app.params.zCoordFront += 0.1;

    $scope.app.params.yCoordTop += 0.1;

    $scope.app.params.xCoordMiddle += 0.1;



    $scope.reset = function() {

    $scope.app.params.xCoordMiddle = 0;

    $scope.app.params.yCoordTop = 0;

    $scope.app.params.zCoordFront = 0;