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    rkandasamy-2 Newbie

    Has anybody configured New Relic APM?

    I have tried configuring New relic APM but i am not able to get the agent running and no newrelic_agent.log file also getting created.


    1. I am using a windows azure machine and have installed thingworx in that machine.

    2. I have followed the given link for java agent installation Install the Java agent | New Relic Documentation

    3. As per this link, I have also checked catalina.out but not getting any errors why log file is not generating. No log file (Java) | New Relic Documentation

    4. Any firewall settings needs to be done for the same?. Right now i have enabled port 8080 in firewall where thingworx is running.

    5. I have also posted a query on New Relic community but have not got any response yet. Unable to get the agent running - New Relic Online Technical Community


    Please let me know if anybody has configured New Relic APM. Also let me know if any of you are using other open source APM and feeling good.