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    Write text into textbox when clicking multiple buttons



    I have created a mashup with 10 wordbuttons and one textbox.

    What I am trying to do is to write a word into the textbox by simply clicking one of the ten wordbuttons.

    I do not want to write a sentence into the textbox. I just want to write one word by clicking one button.


    I tried to write a service which will be invoked by clicking one of the ten buttons. And that works completely fine.

    But I have trouble in finding out which of the buttons has been clicked and therefore which text should be written into the textbox.

    Consequently, I tried to set the contextID of the buttons as an input parameter, but I can only bind one contextID as the input (which is completely logical).


    So what I want to know is if there is any way to realize this. Maybe there is a way to create a button group?


    Thanks for helping and giving some advice!