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    abagasra Newbie

    Customized ThingView


    This is regarding Thingworx Studio. Is it possible to build my own Augmented Reality mobile app similar to Thingview using API from Thingworx Studio?


    Thank you.



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        dupatel Creator

        Abbas Bagasra : I believe at this point of time this is something restricted however would confirm internally and update you. Could you please advise why you are looking for custom Views and not willing to use Standard View app. Do you feel there is some features you would like to add or have advise to improve the application UI.




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          mwassmann Apprentice

          Hej Abbas,


          what you could do is use your own app and open the experience by url ... you could just call the certain url with the good experience from any other app.


          Is it what you are searching for? Then I would explain further.