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    gmontgomery Newbie

    Thingworx Composer Hangs at Binding Popup

    Is anyone else struggling with Thingworx Composer intermittently hanging on the binding (widget or data service) popup action?


    I get this in all three major browsers so it doesn't seem to be browser related. Basically on clicking the blue "bind" button the dark semi-opaque screen that normally comes up with the popup in front is all that you see- no popup. At the point the only action you have is to reload the page, thus losing any changes that you haven't saved. Frustrating because it means you have to save after every little change.


    Also, I was hopeful that this would be resolved when upgrading from 7.2 to 7.4 and was disappointed to find that it is not. I have searched and I can't find any other reports of this, hopefully it's not just me.




    Greg Montgomery

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        supandey Collaborator

        Hi Greg, I've not seen this issue yet. Have you tried checking the Developer console from the web browser to see if there's any error/warning or if there are any sort of delay over the network to load the UI components? Also would be helpful to check the Application log.


        BTW, with ThingWorx 7.4.0 you may want to check as there's an issue reported around the property binding failing to persist, detail is covered in the knowledge base article

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            gmontgomery Newbie



            Thank you for your reply and suggestions. I have not thought to view the Application log, I'll have a look at that the next time I see the issue.


            From the general lack of other folks reporting the issue I imagine it may be something unique in my environment.


            Regarding the property binding issue I haven't had any issues there so I'll assume that is a separate issue.


            Thanks again.