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    Service only working for one ThingTemplate

    I've created a thing based on a generic thing and added a service to ShowLocationOnOpenStreetMap.  The service has output type: Location. On my mashup i have a tree view, the SelectedBreadcrumb property of the tree is used as an input to my service. I call the service on the DoubleClicked event of the tree view. My tree view contains things that are based on three different thing templates: TNetwork, TPrimary & TAssetsList - each of which have a property defined as 'Location'. I then want to set the returned data of the service to the SelectedLocation property of my OpenStreetMap.


    When i test the service in design time the results come back as expected. But, in runtime, the location is only shown when i double click the Two tree elements where the thing template is TNetwork. Has anyone got any advice?