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    ldas Newbie

    How can we convert XML to JSON format

    I am unable to convert XML file to JSON, Is there any service or we have to write our own logic for that. Please help

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        supandey Ninja

        Lipsa, you could try the Universal Converter Extension to get you the Infotable and then you can have that Infotable converted to JSON with couple of out of the box toJSON services already available in the composer

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            ldas Newbie

            Hi Sushant,

                 I am aware of Universal converter, but first of all I want to clarify my requirement to you, I want to configure a part of xml file from repository and then after configuring I want to write it back to the same repository,

            For that if I will take help of Universal converter I will be able to configure a part of it by creating infotable and respective datashape for the elements in xml I want to modify, but at the time of writing it back I will face problem,As then I have to update only a part of it and result also should be in XML, So for that I was thinking to convert the whole XML file to JSON and then do editing and at last convert to XML and save it in repository.