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    QueryImplementingThingsWithData stopped working

    I have a timer subscription that every minute runs a service that calls



    Suddenly the system started to give an error with this function. On the Application Log I read

         Wrapped java.lang.Exception: Unable to query implementing things : null Cause: Unable to query implementing things : null

    this happened only in one ThingTemplate, with another ThingTemplate this service was instead working.

    Noone was developing or connected into the system.


    On Apache there  is only such request, just 1 minute after the error started, nothing else until some hours
 - - [22/May/2017:09:05:50 +0200] "GET /Thingworx/WS HTTP/1.1" 101 -


    I just solved making a insignificant modification to such template and saving it.

    I also removed the modification and saved again, and it continued to work.

    So seems that this template was "broken" ... and saving it recovered its state


    I have this setup


    ThingWorx 7.3.4-b37

    Server version:        Apache Tomcat/8.0.33

    Server built:          Mar 18 2016 20:31:49 UTC

    Server number:

    OS Name:              Windows Server 2012 R2

    OS Version:            6.3

    Architecture:          amd64

    JVM Version:          1.8.0_91-b14

    Windows is running in a VMWare VM

    note that few seconds before the error started, the system time was updated by vmware (seen on windows event viewer) , just synced of about 1 minute. This happen also other times but with no apparent issues ... May this cause troubles with internal timings ?

    Has anyone an idea why this happened ??