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    UpdatePropertyValues throws :  An Invalid Property Value Was Sent To Thing  Property: [null]

    Hello Team,


    I have few properties for a thing . Lets say properties are x,y and z. A custom service is written which will set the values for x, y and z in java server side extension. What I have done is. I have created a datashape which has same property definition as that of x, y and z. From this datashape created an infotable as below

    DataShape freqComponentTimeSeriesDataShape = (DataShape) EntityUtilities.findEntity("FreqComponentTimeSeriesDataShape", ThingworxRelationshipTypes.DataShape);

    InfoTable valueStreamInfoTable = freqComponentTimeSeriesDataShape.CreateValues();


    Next , I have added values to the infotable. When I invoke the service UpdatePropertyValues  on the thing in server side extension code it throws the error as  An Invalid Property Value Was Sent To Thing  Property: [null].


    The code is as below

    Thing rollingStockThing = (Thing) EntityUtilities.findEntity("RollingStockThing", ThingworxRelationshipTypes.Thing);