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    I have a number of organisations in my model. I would like them all use the same home page mashup. The mashup has a network represented in a tree widget. Each organisation has their own network. If all my organisations use the same home page, is there anyway for me to tell in my mash up which organisation has logged in, so that I can write a service to load the correct network.


    One solution I have thought to use is to  set the visibility of each network to the relevant organisation and then write a service that gets all networks. So long as I have set up the visibility correctly it should only return the one visible to the organisation.


    I just wondered if there was a way to pass information (parameters) from the login mash to the home page.



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        pchung Collaborator

        From the session you can derive who is logged in to resolve what mashup should be displayed.

        Most likely you'll have to use an embedded mashup to make that work right

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            khayes Explorer

            Hi, thanks for replying.

            I understand that I can interrogate the CurrentSessionInfo to get the user, but that would still involve some mapping of user --> network. I was hoping that I could map the organisation login to the network somehow to avoid having to give every user a network.


            The plus side of your answer is that I could assign more than 1 network to a user (admin) if required.


            Thanks for taking the time to answer this.