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    mwassmann Apprentice

    Can Cortana speak the work instructions that you have created?

    Sure it can. :-)


    On the current implementation of Hololens you can let cortana speak e.g. your work instructions:


    You can call a function from your application parameters (e.g. the parameter where you start the sequence with) in this example by:



    and in the home.js apply:

    $scope.app.read = function() {






    of course you can do more advanced things with it ...e.g. if you dont want to say the stepnames (1/8; 2/8; etc) and filter the text that is spoken:


    $scope.app.read = function() {

    var labelText = $scope.view.wdg['3DLabel-1'].text;

    var spokenText = labelText.substr(labelText.indexOf(" ") + 1); // converts "1/8 Whatever text" to "Whatever text"





    Have fun