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    Error Installing the Thingworx Studio.

    I am downloading the Composer for windows and when try to install it on my machine it throws an error saying unable to connect to Thingworx etc etc... There is no internet or firewall issue. Can anyone guide me through. "An Error occurred attempting to install ThingworxMobileBuilderApp"

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        giri Communicator

        Zeeshan Butt The post description din't refer any thing to ThingWorx Studio. And I see that you've reported "Composer for windows" - Composer is again ThingWorx Platform (and not ThingWorx Studio), did you mean installing ThingWorx Platform (Composer) or installing ThingWorx Studio??


        Assuming it is ThingWorx Studio, do you see the studio installer logs in <USERHOME>/appData/Roaming/ThingWorx Studio location? If so, can you please the logs.