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    3D model colors are not correct in an animation sequence

    I have noticed what seems like a bug with model colors in an animation sequence. The colors are either wrong or are ignored when not all surfaces of the original model have the same color.

    I'm using Studio Version 1.12 (


    Hoe to reproduce:

    - In Creo Parametric, add a different color to one or several faces of a model in an assembly of models. In my example, I colored some faces blue while the rest of the model is red. Two other models are uncolored (gray) and all red.

    - Use this assembly model in Creo Illustrate to create a sequence. Then publish to pvz.

    - Use this pvz in ThingWorx Studio. Create 2 views: one showing the animation sequence from the embedded pvi, and one showing just the static assembly. Publish and view using the View app. The colors are fine in the static view; but in the animation view, any models that employ multiple colors will have either no color (gray) or just one color. Other models that are colored with only one color appear correct.


    This is what I expect to see:


    The Preview of the animation looks correct; only the animation in the actual experience reveals the bug. In my case, the red model with some blue surfaces appears all blue.

    Can someone in R&D take a look? The pvz is attached. I can provide the original Creo Parametric files if you want.



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        giri Communicator

        I didn't go for creating a custom 3d model using creo parametric/illustrate, but there are existing models which involve different colors for example 'Quadcopter model'. Can you please compare your custom model with the quadcopter model? I guess this may not be a bug.


        Also as a workaround, besides using Creo to set custom colors, we can also use ModelItem styles to define/set the color of the object. Did you try that?



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            jeffreyr Explorer

            Thanks for your reply.

            The use case is this:a single 3D CAD model (what is often called a "separable part") may have different colors on different surfaces. For example, one model might be white but with a blue overmolding on it. Or perhaps a model is all black anodized except for two or three areas that were masked or machined. In the case where an assembly has many parts like this, it would be tedious to add ModelItem styling (as in the quadcopter example) to every surface that needs it.


            As I've found, this problem only manifests itself in an animation sequence -- and even then, it looks OK in the preview but not in the published experience. That is why I would call this a bug.