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    Thingworx dataconnector installation


          I have successfully installed thingworx analytic s on one virtual machine and data connector on another virtual machine on the same virtual box.when


    1.I try to access analytic by i get proper response of analytic server version 7.4

    but when i try to to do the same for for dataconnetor it doesnt gives a responese.what could be the reason ,

    2.also .i have my PostgreSQL server installed in the analytic virtual machine and not on the data connector virtual machine

    I have set the following parameters as follows





    is that OK

    and what is the data connect.transfer.uri parameter and what we need to specify for that


    3.how to make a link between the thingworx repositories between thingworx foundation which is host of the virtual machine setup,where should i make those folders in the data connector ,in order to integrate with the thingworx foundation


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