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    Thingworx analytics server.



            I have installed thingworx analytics server on the vm build with linux in it as guided in the thingwworx analytics vm builder guide.

          However I would like to know that can thingworx analytics server be installed on a virtual machine build with windows and not linux.if so please provide the link or document for the same.


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        cmorfin Communicator

        Hi Amar


        As of ThingWorx Analytics Server 7.4, only CentOS is supported and it cannot be installed on Windows.

        Release 8.0 will leverage docker and through it will be able to be installed on a wider range of OS.


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          osalinas Newbie

          Hi Amar,


          I was trying to do the same since I'm working on a Win7 workstation and I don't want to install Docker in this OS (to many steps to set up) and since I'm running VirtualBox and GIT on this machine, Docker messed up my enviroment.


          Unfortunately you can't run Docker on a virtual machine with Win10 VM due that Docker needs some Hypervisor capabilities that are available only on a physical computer (recent model) running this OS version.


          So, CentOS is the only option to install/use TW Analytics at this moment (version 8.0.0).


          RedHat also is not an option because only the Docker Enterprise Edition is availabale on this platform and is limited to a 30 days trial version, unless you or your organization has a license/contract to pass this time limit.


          If you have any questions regarding the use and configuration of the TW Analytics server (I've worked only with the 8.0.0 version) send me a message.


          Best regards