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    Best configuration for Thingworx 7.4

    Hi to everyone,

    which is the best configuration for Thingworx 7.4 version?


    Is it works only with Tomcat 8.0 ?


    Is CentOS 7 not longer compatible?




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        Ankit Gupta Ninja

        Hi Lugi Dell'Aversano,


        You may want to look at the ThingWorx Core 7.4 System Requirements and ThingWorx Core 7.x Sizing Guide for answer to your query.

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            ldell'aversano-2 Explorer


            hhank's for the answer, but, could you send us a specific path of this guide?


            We should be able to install a :

            - Thingworx platform 7.4;

            - Thingworx Analytics 7.4;

            - Dataconnect;

            - ThingWatcher.


            Which guide or guides should we follow?

            Thingworx core 7.4 guide or Thingworx Analytics Standalone 7.4 guide or both?


            Which are the hardware and software requirements for all the tools?

            In the Thingworx Core installation guide i read: RAM 16GB... instead in the stand alone Analytics guide there is no reference.


            Which are the best hardware and software configurations suggested by PTC for running Platform, Analytics, Data Connect and ThingWatcher?

            2 servers, 3 servers?

            Can you provide us a step by step guide to follow?


            At now, we have installed Java 1.8, Tomcat, 8.5  PostgreSQL 9.5  and Thingworx Composer 7.4 in a unique server as suggested in the related guide.

            Which are the next step to follow in order to install Annalytics, Data Connect and Thingwatcher?



            Thanks for all.

            We're waiting your for feedback.




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                polinao Ninja

                Neel Sampat and John Greiner may be able to speak for the Analytics side better; however, one thing to note right away: currently neither Tomcat 8.5 nor Postgresql 9.5 is supported. Per the Thingworx core requirement guide ( which should be followed for general requirements as it's the foundation platform), minimum Tomcat version to be supported is 8.0.33 and to be stayed within 8.0.x major; similarly, Postgresql 9.4.5 miminum and within the 9.4.x the latest is 9.4.11.

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                  nsampat Apprentice

                  Polina Osipova thank you for pinging me.




                  Sizing for ThingWorx Analytics completely depends on your use case.


                  Can you provide what you are attempting to do?


                  When you build the ThingWorx Analytics Appliance via the Packerscripts on the support portal, the default settings are 2 CPUs and 6 GB of RAM. This is the standard for small scale and workstation environments.


                  To install ThingWorx Analytics, please reference this Knowledge Article that may help you in your 7.4 build.  Also please note that we will be releasing a standalone installer for ThingWorx Analytics in the coming week that would make the deployment and build process streamlined.


                  We also have these videos available on the Developer Community


                  Video 1: Installing ThingWorx Analytics Server 52.x - part 1 - pre-requisites.

                  Video 2: Installing ThingWorx Analytics Server 52.x - part 2 - end


                  It is worth noting that even though the videos say 52.x, these tutorials do apply to 7.4 as well. 8.0 will be a standard installer process.


                  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.





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                mpagliotta Apprentice

                Thansk for these infos, Can i install Thingworx Analytics in the same server of Thingworx Core needs absolutely a new dedicated server?

                If i would like to install also Data Connect and Thing Watcher? Can i intall them in the same server? or they need a new one?


                PTC supports CentOS 7.2 OS for production environments with Tomcat 8.0.x and Thingworx Core 7.4 ?



                Thanks in advance


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                    nsampat Apprentice



                    I would recommend two separate instances, one for Core and one for Analytics, for stability and resource balancing. It is possible to have it on a combined instance, but you will be required to use a CentOS 7 OS for the ThingWorx Analytics Application.


                    You can install Data Connect and ThingWatch on the same instance, but you will have to be aware of resource use during high load.


                    ThingWorx Analytics is currently built for CentOS7 environments, and Tomcat 8.





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                        mpagliotta Apprentice

                        Than you for the answer.

                        So are you saying also that PTC supports already CentOS 7.2 with Thingworx Core and Analytcs 7.4? Because in the Core 7.4 guide there no mention on CentOS.(image below)


                        requisiti  thingworx 7.4.PNG

                        So i suppose i have install Core on Windows and Analytics on CentOS?

                        There is any evidence somewhere, in someguide that Analytics is supported on CentOS?


                        Thanks again