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    Document Services Usage in Mashup Builder

    Mashup builder is not yet available in NextGen Composer but  I believe it would be an opportunity to implement a couple of improvements that could help a lot  the understanding of the mashups when we are changing or maintaining  applications that are already created.


    1. Allow the user to add a textual comment for each service added to the mashup: many times I see mashups that implement 2/3 times the same service for different purposes and it is hard to track exactly what is the right usage for a particular service unless we go through all the Wiring. Sometimes a simple textual indication would simplify it.
    2. A way to track where services are used: when services are reused in many mashups it is hard to figure out the impact of a change. This would also apply for services used in other services

    What do you guys think?


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        cbaldwin Explorer

        Hi Ewerton,


        Great ideas.  I've passed along the first item about comments/descriptions for why a service is included in a mashup to the right team.


        For the second item, the "Where used" capability is sorely needed across the platform, including visualization.  I am targeting a feature in an upcoming release to address this also.