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    ewertonm Creator

    Row selection in Advanced Tree Grid 2.0

    I noticed in the advanced tree grid that although it returns the "Selected Rows" as an output Infotable,  it does not change the selected rows from the Input Data Service. Is it the way it is supposed to work?


    I explain:

    1. I have a service that queries another system to created the tree.
    2. Bound the "AllData" output of this service to the tree row and configured the widget properties.
    3. Bound one property the "Selected Rows" data to a value widget.


    I expected that the Value widged data would change as I select the different rows in the tree.


    I noticed that if I bind the selected rows output from the widged to a grid it returns the infotable from that selection but I was not able to get a single value of that selection to bind to the value widget.


    Any thought on this?




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        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

        Ewerton, the value should change regardless of the widget being used, provided you bound a single data/ property from the 'Selected Row(s)' section. So, if you bound a single property from Selected Row(s) onto a Value Display widget, selecting a row should reflect whatever value the current row has.