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    mwassmann Apprentice

    No access to sigma tile community

    Hej guys,


    I've no access to sigma tile community and I have to raise a question regarding the updating of sigma tiles display...

    as it doesn't automatically update yet (manually yes)




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        varathanran Apprentice

        You can accomplish this by a REST Services from Thingworx App to Kepware. Then it should automatically update it in sigma tile from Kepware.


        Here is the code snippet.


        id = Device + '.'+ Property



        var params = {

             url: me.KepwareURL, /* STRING */

             contentType: "application/json", /* STRING*/

          content: '[ { "id": "'+ id +'", "v": ' + Command +'}]' /* JSON */




        var result = Resources["ContentLoaderFunctions"].PostText(params);



        Device and Property will make it a tag. Make sure Tag is added IoT Gateway with this name as well.


        KepwareURL is Kepware endpoint. In my case it is


        With Thingworx 8, we should able to write back when you update it using the Kepware-Thingworx Connector. In this case, values are different so we may have to do some mapping which is not shown in above example for simplicity. (I haven't tried but there is setting on the property which enables it).