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    dreid Newbie

    How to get existing thingmarks from one machine to another in Studio?


    Ive got a user account with PTC, but it is linked to the old Thingmarks and the old experience server - so, if I login to the Portal, I get the old Thingmarks and the wrong experience server. Giri set up an alternative account, but I can't login because the 2nd account is not an email address...just a name and it wants an email address. It doesn't allow me to login to the Portal Login... If I use my original email address, then I get the old ES URL and the old Thingmarks... both of which no longer work.

    I've just got a new PC workstation specifically for our development of the Hololens and thingworx studio - but I still can't use it.

    Would appreciate it, if Giri or someone else at PTC would sort out the 'access'stuff for my account so I can actually start using it.



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        giri Communicator

        Hi David, As noted in our previous conversation, please do not use "login to the portal" as it would land you into a different Experience Service (ES).


        Without configuring portal login, the user(non-email address) credentials should work. For login with email-id, if you remember the procedure that we've followed to create a new user (with Jeroen's cred) in ThingWorx Platform, please try creating a new user (with username in email-id form), add the user to administrator/developer group and try accessing the Studio/ES.


        FYI, the reason behind the behavior is because your company's registration was done twice (one from Jeroen and other from David.reid) and when you configure portal login (with your ptc cred), studio retrieves David.reid's thingmarks and ES. When login with Jeroen's cred, studio retrieves the corresponding ES and thingmarks.



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            dreid Newbie

            Hi Giri,


            Yeah, I understand the concept now - but my question stands:


            so, if I just use my user-name that we created together - how do I get my Thingmarks into Studio and available for use in the ES?

            I don't remember all the steps we did to make an account - but if I did create a new account with the same email address is it not likely that the system will not allow 1 email addres to be coupled to 2 different ES servers... it would get very confused, I think.


            I'm happy not to have the portal login option, if I can get the Thingmarks into Studio in another manner.

            I tried the user-name and it seems to work OK. so I can continue with that if I can solve the thingmark problem/