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    jgabriel Apprentice

    Handling change in ConfigurationTable

    When building Java Extension in Eclipse...


    How do you handle change in ConfigurationTable? Is there some kind of callback or event? I need to remake some internal values in case something changes in ConfigurationTable?


    Or maybe new instance is made after change and I dont need to worry?


    Thanks JG.

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        rupadhyay-2 Explorer

        You can handle chnages through Handlers , which considers Event names and  source. I am  not sure what are you trying to achieve. Every Change can be handled . You describe events by @ThingworxEventDefinitions and there could be subscription methods which gets called upon such event. I may not be able to describe things properly as if now , however if you will give some time , I can give brief description of its working.

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            jgabriel Apprentice

            I was thinking along these lines, but there is no one to triger event, because it is done internaly by Thingworx.


            Having custom Thing with internal states based on ConfigurationTable, when user changes ConfigurationTable, how do I now that something has changed and I have to rebuild internal states?


            Something like onConfigChange(newProperties), that I can Overide and invoke some methods inside.