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    How do I get Stream Thing in java server side extension?

    Hi Team,


    I need to execute one of the service i.e. QueryStreamData in one of the custom service developed using java extension. One strange thing i found out was

    DataShape datashape = (DataShape) EntityUtilities.findEntity("HighestFrequencyComponentDataShape", ThingworxRelationshipTypes.DataShape); ==> This works since there is a datashap with the same name provided in above statement.



    StreamThing frequencyComponentStream = (StreamThing) EntityUtilities.findEntity("frequencyComponentStream", ThingworxRelationshipTypes.Stream); ==> This returns me null though there is a Stream by name frequencyComponentStream in platform.

    Can anyone tell me how can I get Stream in thignworx server side extension to execute QueryStreamData  service?