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    michaelfr Creator

    Load an XML file from another computer

    i am trying to load an xml file that is continuously updated into thingworx. The file is not stored on the server my thingworx application is running on. Whenever I try to use the Getxml or loadxml snippets, I receive an error. I am typing in the files location as you would in an windows browser in the URL section. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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        adamr Creator

        Hi Michael,

        Since all Thingworx Platform processes run through tomcat which is, of course, web accessible, we do not allow any direct access to file system objects.  The URL in the GetXML or LoadXML also needs to be a web accessible (even if it is localhost) http/https location.

        If the file can be moved outside of the Thingworx platform you can move it into the tomcat/WebApps directory or a file repository on the server file system (this would be under ThingworxStroage/Repositories).  This would be the only way to access a file system file.