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    How to get last 10 days data into my info table from stream?



    We have a stream we are filtering data based one column name , Now we want check date also and get only last 10 days data.


    Please find below syntax


    // dateValue:DATETIME

    var dateValue = new Date();

    // dateAddDays(dateValue:DATETIME,amount:NUMBER):STRING

    var datetime = dateAddDays(dateValue, -10);

    var query =


      "filters": {


          "filters": [


      "type": "LIKE",

      "fieldName": "source",

      "value": "*anil*"





              "value":datetime    // This is sting type but we want to validate date type how to do this check?






    But it is not working as expected, could any one correct my mistake in the above code?




    Anil Kesana