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    mbotha Newbie

    no experiences found

    I have just registered for a trial with Thingworx Studio and I'm going through the first tutorial: Quadcopter. All goes without any hitches until I scan the thingmark using Thingworx viewer for android. I get the following message: No experiences found. What am I missing?

    - I open the quadcopter project under tutorial

    - Click > at hint screen

    - Click "publish", wait for completion

    - Click >

    - Attempt to scan using mobile + thingworx view

      (No experiences found)

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        giri Communicator

        Assuming you have received the welcome email confirming your registration, were you able to configure Portal login? If so, did you provide the ThingMark value (manual) and Experience Service (automatic, on portal login config) ? To view the 'Public' Experience, the necessary permissions should be set in the attached ThingWorx platform, please follow the help center article on 'Configuring public access'. Also make sure you are using the correct ThingMark both while publishing and scanning.

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            eboer Newbie

            I have the same problem. Even created a new user and uploaded the experience. But no experiences were found when scanning the thingmark. Then my colleague came up with the asking if the server-url shouldn't be changed in the ThingWorx View app on his phone. So we changed the server-url to the url shown in ThingWorx Studio and after that, it worked!


            Question to me is now, how can I change those settings on the HoloLens?

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                giri Communicator

                WRT server-url in ThingWorx View, this may not be a mandatory configuration. Did you try setting public access? Also, by any chance if the project involves ThingWorx platform entities make sure the entities have appropriate access permissions.

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                    eboer Newbie

                    What I did:

                    1. Logged on with my existing PTC account to get the trial version of ThingWorx Studio
                    2. Install ThingWorx Studio
                    3. Start ThingWorx Studio
                    4. Log on with my PTC-credentials
                    5. Open the "Studio Sample - HoloLens Experience"
                    6. Add one of the three ThingMarks to the experience
                    7. Publish the experience. Studio then asks for the username and password. I used my PTC-crendentials for that too
                    8. Studio says it uploaded the experience succesfully


                    But with the hololens, no experiences are found.


                    However, I have to mention that I'm also using Creo Parametric 4.0 M010  and published also some experiences right from Creo Parametric. Is it possible that those two collide with each other?

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                        eboer Newbie

                        Ok, I didn't do anything other then switch my laptop off, go home, relax, sleep, coming back in the morning and try again with the HoloLens. And all of a sudden, the ThingMark got scanned and it wants to load the experience. But then the next hurtle came across. ThingWorx view, crashes. Even with a simple model as the quadrocopter.


                        The only thing I can show now is a "Hello World" label on the ThingMark.


                        The strangest thing is:

                        1. Publish experience directly from Creo Parametric 4 M010 -> ThingWorx view works fine
                        2. Export model to pvz from Creo Parametric 4 M010, import into ThingWorx, add ThingMark, publish experience -> ThingWorx view crashes