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    jkim-6 Newbie

    the other thingworx server

    Hi all!


    I want to connect my ThingWorx server instead of ThingWorx studio's thingworx server.

    My Thingworx server is on another pc, Thingworx studio is installed on my local machine.


    What should I do? Please let mo know!! Thank you!!

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        Ankit Gupta Ninja

        Hi Jeongeun Kim,


        Currently it is not possible to connect your local/hosted ThingWorx with the PTC hosted ThingWorx Experience Server.

        This feature is available for those users who host their own Experience server and the ThingWorx and connect them to each other.

        On-premise Experience Server option is available for commercial users.

        As per my understanding you can consider connecting ThingWorx (for Experience server) with your local ThingWorx.

        Configuring the federation between your local Thingworx and (ES) ThingWorx platform should be one of the possible workaround.