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    DataTable rows limit

    Hello, I took some data from a stream and copied into a datatables as entries.

    I have a data every 30 minutes so it means 48 per day.

    I copied about 6 months of data and, if I go to check the service GetDataTableEntryCount() it returns me 8995 but if I plot on a Time Series Chart the result of GetDataTableEntries() it only shows 10 days (so like 500 rows).

    I get the same problem if I bid data with a grid.

    I guess it is because it automatically takes the maxItem limit at its default value 500 although I left it blank ; but is there a way to leave it open?


    I don't have the same problem if I use stream instead so do you think for a big amount of data (like over 10000 rows) stream is better than DataTable?