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    sostwal Newbie

    Only View Mashup for a user or group?

    I have created a user and added that user to a group. For that group I(Administrator) have given permission to to view in design time and kept visibility for this group. In runtime I have provided that group with all the access like property read, property write, event subscribe etc. Now when this user logs in, it can can't edit the mashup nor delete. When this user views mashup the mashup gets loaded (after a long time) but the property don't fetch data and widgets don't work correctly. For example validation doesn't work leading to showing of various values on screen which were suppose to come only when values rises to the alarming level. Please let me know the correct procedure how to provide a user/group but rights to only view mashup along with widgets working correctly.

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        Ankit Gupta Ninja

        Hi swaraj ostwal,


        This seems to be an issue of missing permissions. Please check the Application logs to find the errors regarding missing permissions when user tries to perform the requisite task and provide the same rights to the user.

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          liliu Creator

          Hi Swaraj,


          I think you cannot fatch the data or valiation doesn't work because you didn't grant service execute permission. Here is my demo, please have a check:


          This is The design page


          No permission (but user in Everyone organization, which means he has visibility permission for mashups and widgets)



          Grant Service  Execute permission data can be loaded, Validator widget works to display the selected row name. But property cannot be read.


          Grant Property read permission, all works on my sample


          By the way, Here is a quick troubleshooting method:


          During the Mashup run time page, press F12 then reload the page, if there is any 401 error, you can check the service, it means you don't have that permission.


          Should you  have any concern, please feel free to le me know.


          Wish you a nice weekend.