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    Thingworx google map locations show according search text

    We are able to show multiples location on google map in mashup.  Supoose we have 10 location. It contains

    group A of 7 locations and group B type 3 locations. If user search group A it  should show 7 locations. Please


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        anna Communicator

        Rajanikant Hole,

        Suppose you have two Thing Properties with INFOTABLE basetype, you could put each of the two Groups of Locations in each property(3 locations in property A, 7 locations in property B).

        Then suppose you add a list widget in mashup with Group A and Group B displayed, then when selectedRowsChanged, you pass "Group A" or "Group B" to a service, and in this service you return a location INFOTABLE property according to the pass value "Group A" or "Group B". Finally you bind the returned Data of your service to the Data of your Google Map, and set LocationField accordingly.


        Hope this helps,