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    Cannot get values in thingworx from Kepware

    Hi there!


    I have connected thingworx to kepware but I cannot see any values in thingworx. I have followed the guide "industrial Connections" in the Thingworx Help Center; I created a thing with the industrial gateway template, I connected kepware to the thing and, in new composer, I searched for the tags and bound them to a new entity. Everything good so far, but when I open the new industrial thing and click on Refresh to see the values, I cannot see any value. In the remote thing properties I can see that I has never been connected despite the Industrial Connection thing is connected.


    Any clue about what is going on?


    KEPServerEx is the industrial connection and TestKEP is the industrial thing.


    Many thanks

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        pchung Collaborator

        1. I would check the logs first on both the Kep and TW side see if there are any issues with the connection

        2. I think if you go into bindings, you'll see that the value should be coming from the KepServerEX thing through a local binding.

        Go to the KepServerEX thing itself and see if the tag is there and if the values are updating on it yes or no.


        You could redo the binding I believe by going into Manage Bindings on the KepServerEX things and browsing for the tag.


        My guess though is that something is off with the connectivity.

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          anna Communicator

          Hi Irene Herreros,

          Besides Pai Chung comments, try to disable legacy mode in Kepware Configuration with ThingWorx.




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              iherreros Explorer

              Hi Pai and Anna!


              Thank you very much for your fast response. Disabling the legacy mode I get the industrial thing connected but I cannot get values when refreshing. If I go to industrial thing (KepThing), as mentioned Pai, the values are not updating on it.

              • Industrial gateway: KepserverEX
              • industrial thing: KepThing


              I have opened the monitor in the Composer and I can see this:

              I followed the guide provided in the help center, and it doesn't mention anything about mashups and networks. Do you see something wrong? If you need more information, please don't hesitate to ask me.


              Many thanks. All your help is very much appreciated.

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                  pchung Collaborator

                  That last one with the home mashup and network missing isn't important to this.

                  I don't see any info from the application log though?

                  What you can try at the KepServerEX Thing is when you are viewing the Properties, go into Manage bindings, then go to Remote

                  and you can redo the bindings from there and see if that will get things working.

                  That binding that is showing, seems not right to me, because it doesn't look like a Tag that is part of a Device in Kepware.