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    Cloning Thingworx server



    I need to clone our Thingworx Dev server. Is there any documentation for this? Any help regarding this will be very helpful for us.


    Thingworx 7.4/Postgre


    I was thinking to follow below process:

    1. Export database from Dev postgre

    2. Copy Thingworx storage and ThingworxPostgresqlstorage folder from Dev server

    3. Import DB from step 1 to new Dev postgre

    4. paste folders from step 2 to new Dev postgre.

    5. Start Tomcat after proper installation of thingworx


    I am not sure if this is going to work but if anyone has done it before please help.




      • Re: Cloning Thingworx server
        Ankit Gupta Ninja

        Hi Ravindra Singh,


        Here are my inputs: Per my understanding; there is no need to copy ThingworxPostgresqlstorage folder. It contains the DB files. So, these will be created when you will import the DB on new server.

        In addition; you also need to copy the ThingworxPlatform folder and update the platform-settings.json according to the new DB server.


        I hope it helps.