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    Publishing experiences can be painful

    My organization blocks a lot of things on my system, so I want to share the different things I was going through to get ThingWorx Studio to work. We are working on Windows 10.

    1. We use app-locker to lockout several system-directories and each application which want to run out of these directories have to be unlocked by our system-admins So be sure that "ThingWorx Studio.exe" and "node.exe" are unlocked in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\<id:1><id:2>\thin..udio_<id:3>\ where the id's are random numbers.
    2. Make sure that your CAD-converter tools also are unlocked. They are located in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\ThingworxStudio\studio-download.vuforia.io\node_modules\cad-import-filters and underlying directories
    3. Uploading data from internal network was blocked by the firewall, so make sure you can upload your data.
    4. When you are using Direct Access outside your company, you're traffic is going through the firewall of the company and is also blocked.So check if you are allowed to upload data.


    ThingWorx Studio doesn't give any clues, even with point 3 and 4 it says that the experience was published successfully, but nothing was shown after the ThingMark was scanned.

    So hopefully this will help you to make publishing an experience a nice experience

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        dupatel Creator

        E. Boer : Thank you for raising your concerns and your feedback will be helpful in improving our product. I will check on these to see if there are plans to improve or easy out publishing process. There are somethings implemented from the point of view to keep data secured and restricted however we actively look for feedback and suggestions for improvement.


        I will post more details as soon as possible related to this on our future release plans and product road map. Once again thank you for sharing your experience and feedback !!



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            eboer Newbie

            Digging a bit deeper into the network troubles of ThingWorx Studio shows that it also wants an UDP connection to Google instead of the ThingWorx Experience server. And UDP-connections are blocked by our firewall. So why is this UDP-connection needed? Can it be changed into a TCP-connection?