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    Thingworx dataconnect integration

    Hello Christophe,

                               Thanks a lot for your previous help .

                               I am trying to implement the tractor example into the thingworx ,i have installed thingworx platform  on windows and thingworx analytics on one vm and dataconnector on another vm on the same virtual box.

    I have errors like could not find the zip file at repository/SystemRepository/.shareing the log files for the same,

    I would like to know what will be my symbolic link command in order to link it with Thingworx repository ,where on windows my path is ThingworxStorage/repository/SystemRepository/Tractor_DAD

    Also I am getting and error like csv files are empty .what can be done for that as well.


    Kind Regards,


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        cmorfin Communicator

        Hi Amar


        I think I have already answered this in a previous thread of yours, see Re: Thignworx dataconnector installation


        Regarding the repository link, the bottom line is that DataConnect needs to be able to see under /repository the content of ThingworxStorage/repository folder.

        So if ThingWorx and DataConnect are on the same machine a simple link  will do : ln -s /ThingworxStorage/repository /repository.

        If ThingWorx and DataConnect are on different machines you need to mount the ThingworxStorage/repository folder form the ThingWorx machine to /repository directory on the DataConnect machine.

        How to do this will depend on the OS used. Your System Admin should know how to perform this step."


        I guess you can also Google this as there are lot of information about how to mount folder between Windows and Linux. However this is a system admin question, this is not a DataConnect or ThingWorx feature.


        Kind regards